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Local Artists

We feature artists largely from Colorado in an effort to showcase the enormous talent in our State.  These artists are excited to share their creations with you.

We are always looking for additional talent to display.  Contact us for information if you have a creation you'd like us to consider displaying.



Lawrence Allen

Fused and Leaded Glass solutions for custom spaces, special projects, art sculpture, cabinets, doors and windows.  Classes available.
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Andrew Toth

Andrew's a ceramic artist and cactus grower here in Colorado. Majority of items are handmade and touched with a spcecial connection between nature and human. 

Concrete Pottery

All Its Own

Inspired from nature and spirit to offer goods that inspire people and help the world.  Our concrete pottery pieces are created from sustainable goods.


Judy Martinek

Judy's passion for photography has led to her desire to share a vision of nature with others.  To spend time selecting a card, writing and sharing a heartfelt sentiment with another individual can make a recipient feel a bit more special.
Hand Made Pottery.jpg


Liam's Pottery

Earthy and natural containers suitable for every garden style. Built to last a lifetime and beautify with age.
Nova's Visions.jpg


Nova's Visions

Handmade Ceramics framed, Air Plant Holders, and Air Plant propagating magnets.

Organic Containers

Green Collar Guy

Handmade containers fabricated from hyper-tufa, gravel, glass, etc.  These natural, organic containers are extremely durable and will not be damaged by freeze/thaw cycles.


Sandy Pfeifer

Handmade containers fabricated from hyper-tufa, gravel, glass, etc.  These natural, organic containers are extremely durable and will not be damaged by freeze/thaw cycles.


Carol Wichern

Hand-Built ceramics, inspired by nature's serenity and life's uncertainty, a treasure to last through the ages. Each piece as unique as the person who sees them.
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Wood Plant Stands

Shelby Mock

C&S Creations is a small workshop in Colorado passionate about the natural beauty of wood. These handmade plant stands are designed to elevate your plant and add an elegant touch to your space.

Clay Pottery

Dry Creek Potter

I love to create from nothing and I was raised just down the street from Front Range Gardens. I harvested the clay for many of my pieces from my mother's garden when I was replacing the soil for her. 
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Fine Art Prints

Sally Mayer Seidl

Seidl makes medium to large-scale narrative works exploring the nature of humanity and the mortal condition. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally, and her work is currently being represented in Savannah and Baltimore.
Photography 1.jpg

Photographer - Bookmarks

Natasha Krech

A hobbyist artist prone to wander with a camera in hand. This golden wildflower was found in what little remains of the silver mining town of Caribou, Colorado outside of Nederland. Photographing flowers was one of my first loves.


Macrame by Pele

Pele discovered a passion for macrame and plans to pursue the art full time. Pele was born in New Zealand, raised in the Marshall Islands. She's always been fascinated by her ancestors handmade art at each place she grew up in. Each piece is handmade with love.
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