Events & Workshops

Look here for a schedule of classes &/or online video tutorials.  We hope to have this page updated by the end of the summer, 2020.  Below are some potential offerings we are currently considering.

Houseplant 101

Date: TBD


In this session, Scott will talk about how to care for indoor foliage plants, including watering, light needs, identifying and treating pests, pruning and transplanting.   Q&A is encouraged.


Price will include a 4" plant and container.

Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Care
Date: TBD


Drew will discuss everything bonsai including how to select a good plant, transplanting, pruning, fertilizing, watering, etc.

Price includes a 4" bonsai plant and container.

Prepping your yard and garden for Fall/Winter

Date:  TBD


Jerome will lead this discussion on how to prepare your yard, garden beds, and containers for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons.  He will discuss pruning techniques, mulching and over-wintering suggestions.

There is no charge for this informative session.

Are you ready for Spring? 

Date:  TBD


In this session, Jerome will talk about how and when to start prepping your gardens in the Spring to ensure your best success during the Summer.  He will discuss soil preparation techniques, fertilizing options, pruning and planting guidelines and more.

There is no charge for this informative session.