Garden Supplies

Pottery, tools (garden and hand), grow pots and trays,  gloves, soil, fertilizer, water cans, insecticide and fungicides, spray nozzles, weed killer, grass seed, tomato cages, bamboo stakes, weed barrier, rock top dressing and more ...

Garden Decorations and Gift Items

Trellis, wind spins, bird feeders, fairy gardens, macrame, statuary, bird baths, gnomes, sun catchers, wind chimes, bumper stickers, terrariums, candles, hand and lip care, wall hangings and lots more...


Our selection of pottery ranges from 2.5" up to 26" glazed pots.  They come in a variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangular and oval.  Some have built in saucers or we have some stand alone saucers, as well.  

Ceramic, clay, resin, fiberglass and plastic - all in assorted colors and styles to enhance your decor.